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Can someone tell me how I change my email address for Itunes?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Hi Kathy,


    iTunes does not use an email address in your account info for iTunes. Your iTunes logon is your AppleID. Your AppleID oftentimes uses an email address as your id, and your AppleID account information contains email addresses for communications from Apple.


    What exactly are you wanting to change?


    The logon you use when you log on to iTunes?





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    Can you shed light on changing my e-mail address associated with iTunes to a different e-mail address and what would happen to all of my media content?


    gmail account is now my iTunes e-mail AND Apple ID. I want to use my @me account or something else for that matter, though I would like to keep ALL my Apple stuff together.


    Simpler, change Apple ID? Is that correct?





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    Hi tom,


    Unfortunately, your @me.com email address is already an Apple ID, so you can't change your gmail Apple ID to it. However, here is the solution that worked for me:


    Start using your @me.com Apple ID as your primary Apple/iTunes/iCloud ID going forward.


    Go to Manage Your Apple ID and put in your @me.com address. Do you know your password for your @me.com address? If so, put that into the password field and set up your @me.com account with your billing info. If you don't know your password, try the one you are using for your gmail ID, or try answering the Security Questions. If all of that fails, you will have to contact iTunes Support to reset your Security questions so you can get into your @me.com Apple ID to set up the billing, and to be able to sign it on to everything.


    Once you get squared away with getting that Apple ID set up, then you would want to do the following:


    1.      Sign onto iTunes on the computer where your iTunes library is located, and Authorize the computer for that ID


    2.     Sign your old ID out of iTunes & App Store on your device: Settings>iTunes & App Store>Sign out, then sign your @me.com ID on


    3.     Delete your iCloud account: Settings>iCloud>Delete Account (you will have to put in your gmail password to turn off Find My iPhone in order to delete the iCloud account). Be sure to tell it to keep your Contacts on your device, and when you sign back on with your @me.com account, merge the Contacts with iCloud. Do you have any other stuff on your gmail iCloud account that you don't want to lose? If so, post back and we will discuss how to keep those. You're photo stream will not transfer over to the new iCloud account, but your Camera Roll will still be on the device.


    4.     Sign back into iCloud with your @me.com ID.  


    5.     Be sure to do this step LAST: Go back into Manage Your Apple ID and sign on with your old gmail id. Change the password on that account to whatever you have made the password on your @me.com account. The reason you want to do this is because going forward, when you need to update apps that you purchased under the old ID, it is going to want the password for that old ID. If you make them the same, then you won't have to worry about which one it is asking for a password for. (Purchases from iTunes are forever tied to the ID under which they were purchased. However, even though you won't be using the old gmail ID anymore, you will still have it as an Apple ID. The email address is not really important, so if it is no longer valid, that is not a problem. Think of it as just an ID, not an email address).


    Once you have gone through these steps, you will be using your @me.com address for your Apple/iTunes/iCloud ID going forward. Your old ID will still be out there, and the purchases for your old ID will still live in your iTunes library. You will be able to update Apps under your old ID without doing anything special. However, the only thing you will not be able to do OTA is re-download purchases that were made under that old ID. You will be able to sync them by connecting to the computer using a USB cable. But you don't want to be signing that old ID back onto your device to do those downloads because once you swap IDs on a device, the device is locked for 90 days to the most recent ID that has been signed on. Much easier just to sync if you need to re-download anything from that old ID.


    I know this is a lot to take in, so post back if you have any questions or concerns!





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    Hi, GB,


    Thanks for the reply. The explanation is great and I thank you. In asking my question I didn't explain everything. If I may take a few more moments of your time. Here goes.


    I started using iTunes when I still had a pc. The iTunes account or id was/is my gmail account and has been ONLY on iTunes. When I switched to a Mac I opened a MobileMe account. Of course being the bull in a china shop I am I didn't realize I now had two apple id's. Ok, so gmail email address is the iTunes associated account and now that iCloud is out my @me account handles all the cloud stuff.


    I want to get rid of gmail, I want nothing to do with google and this is the reason I'm struggling to understand how to consolidate iTunes with iCloud without losing about 130 gigs of music from iTunes and Amazon that is on my Mac. All of this is really convoluted to say the least but it is what is as they say.


    So here's hoping you can shed light on this tangled mess.



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    Hi thomas,


    Actually if I am getting it right, that makes it easier. You have your Apple/iCloud ID as an @me.com ID. You have your iTunes account using a gmail Apple ID. If that premise is not correct, then just let me know and we will continue to drill down. If it is right, then I would suggest the following:


    Your iTunes library lives on your Mac, and you have built it using your @gmail.com Apple/iTunes ID. To be able to use that library under your @me.com Apple ID, you would need to do the following:


    1. Go to the iTunes Store on your Mac, and if the @gmail.com ID is signed in, sign it out


    2. Sign into the iTunes Store using your @me.com ID


    3. Set up your Billing info


    4. With the @me.com ID still signed in, click on Store on the menu at the top of the screen, and click on Authorize this Computer. This will authorize your newly created iTunes account to the Mac


    5. You now have made your @me.com ID your Apple/iCloud/iTunes ID


    6. On your device, sign out of the iTunes & App store, and sign back on with your @me.com Apple/iCloud/iTunes ID (Settings>iTunes & App Store, click on ID)


    7. Go into Manage Your Apple ID and sign on your @gamail.com ID - change the password on that ID to match the password on your @me.com ID


    Now you can hook up your device to your Mac, and sync any Music, Apps, or any other purchases from your iTunes library to your device.


    Although you could also sign the @me.com ID out of iTunes and sign the @gmail.com address into iTunes and download music directly to your device, it is far easier to sync those @gmail.com purchases via a normal sync process. Here's why - once you sign on a different iTunes ID to your device and download using that ID, the device becomes associated with that iTunes ID, and you cannot associate a different ID to it for 90 days. So, to avoid any loss of usage for your new ID, it is just easier to sync any previous ID purchases directly via iTunes.


    You can now purchase and download any iTunes or App Store items directly to your device (OTA) using your new ID.


    With the passwords being the same on both IDs, you will save yourself a lot of annoyance going forward when you need to update apps on your device. Whether they were purchased under your old ID or under you new ID, it won't matter. You won't even have to pay any attention to which ID is displaying when you are doing updates...just put in the common password, and you are good to go!


    I have an @me.com Apple/iCloud/iTunes ID that I have been using since I got my iPhone 4. However, prior to that, I was using a different ID. I can tell you that I have had a totally seamless transition from the one to the other by using the methodology outlined above. It's like my Apple/iCloud/iTunes ID has always been my @me.com one. I still go into my old Apple/iTunes ID to keep it up to date (password-wise) with my @me.com one, but aside from that, I don't use it for anything anymore. The email address and billing information is totally out of date on it. But it really doesn't matter since it is what I call an "Archived" Apple/iTunes ID for me now.


    Hope this is what you are wanting to do. But as I said, if I have missed something, just post back and we will go at it again!