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I tried the following, but after deleting the covers the books are still on my phone-, PLEASE, how do i get these audio books off my phone????? PLEASE be specific! I'm going crazy PLEASE help-


Jan 23, 2012 9:27 PM



After much trial and error, I have finally unlocked the mystery of how to remove Audiobook files from the iphone without changing the file name or type.  Here are the steps:


1.  Plug in your iPhone to your computer

2.  Launch iTunes

3.  Click on the left-hand menu option that says "books"

4.  All the audiobooks (such as iTunes or Audible) will be here with cover art for each one.  If you right click on these titles, you will have the option to "Uncheck Selection" or "Check Selection" depending on whether or not it is on your iPhone.

5.  If you want to remove an audiobook from your iPhone, simply right click and select "Uncheck Selection"

6.  Sync your iPhone

7.  If you are still having problems, you have probably changed your sync options for music.  Change them so that you are only syncing selected items(there are 2 different places to control these options, the "Summary" tab(which should have the "Option" "select songs and videos..." checkbox checked) and the "Music" tab(which should have the "selected playlists, artists,..." checkbox checked).

8.  Magically those pesky audio books that you know and love are no longer on your iphone

9.  Write Apple a nasty email and ask why $10 million in audiobook revenue hasn't warranted a software change to make this easier to understand and do.

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