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Yesterday I submitted this question.


I use my i-pad to review photos downloaded from a camera SD card.  These pictures appear in my Imported gallery.  When ever I delete a photo from this gallery a copy of the same image I have downloaded onto a PC also is deleted.


How can I stop this?, I just want to delete the image from my i-pad imported gallery.


The PC that holds the photos of my camera also runs Itunes but not at the same time as any import.  The same SD card is used to load the images onto the PC.


I did get a reply.  A kind person said :   Turn off photo sharing on your computer.


I could not find this setting? I asked for dierections but the person concerned has yet to answer, can any one else point me in the right direction please?

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    If you are copying them to your computer from the SD card, then you may have them in 2 places on it, one in the place where you copy them and one in the 'photo stream', but it's the photo stream that you are looking at on it. For photo stream, from http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4486 :

    On your PC, open the iCloud Control Panel for Windows and select the checkbox for Photo Stream. You can click on the Options button to verify that both My Photo Stream and Shared Photo Streams are enabled and adjust the settings. Be sure to click Apply


    PC iCloud control panel : http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/pc.html


    Before you delete any photos that you've copied onto the iPad via the camera kit (assuming that you want to keep a copy) then make sure that you have a separate (non-photo stream) copy e.g. copy them from the photo stream folder on your PC to another folder on it, or copy them to your computer by connecting the iPad to it e.g. via the windows camera wizard : copying photos.

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    I have a much clearer answer now.  The imported pictures on the PC were getting deleted no matter where I put them.