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Peter Skinner Level 1 (115 points)

I've tried slapping the monitor and swearing at it.


Here's the gen:


  Model Name:          Power Mac G5

  Model Identifier:          PowerMac7,3

  Processor Name:          PowerPC G5  (2.2)

  Processor Speed:          1.8 GHz

  Number Of CPUs:          2

  L2 Cache (per CPU):          512 KB

  Memory:          4 GB

  Bus Speed:          900 MHz

  Boot ROM Version:          5.1.8f7


It appears I only have 4 slots for memory and they each hold 1Gb.


Is there an add-on to speed things up a bit?


Thanks, as always, for any help.

PowerMac, G5 Leopard 4GB Ram.
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