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Here's a basic one..

Do iMovie files have metadata? I'm using iMovie '08, and wondering if they contain information such as file creation time, specifically time zone. I couldn't figure out if this is hiding somewhere. That info is easy to find in Aperture, for example, but does the same exist for iMovie? I'm assuming it does, since the files are all coming from the same camera, but maybe AVCHD format doesn't capture that info, but rather just the time (without zone) for example?

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    Here are a few thoughts.

    In iMovie 08 you can click VIEW/PLAYHEAD INFO.  Now, as you skim with your cursor over a film clip, you can see the metadata (date and time)


    My AVCHD camera does not know what time zone it is in. I set the date and time. When I go to a different timezone, the camera does not know unless you manually reset the time. I just checked some clips I shot in Turkey. They are mid-afternoon, but my camera thinks it is early morning.


    Your AVCHD files are basically computer files, meaning they will have a creation date and a modified date. This is not the same as the date the clips were shot. This is the date they were first added to the computer.


    So how do you know when the footage was actually shot? This is done by the way the camera names the clips. Your clips will have a name like clip-2008-01-01 13;05;30.mov. This means that the clip's first frame was shot on January 1st 2008 at 1:05 PM (and 30 seconds). This time comes from the camera date and time setting.


    If all you have are the .mts files, you will not have this information at all. The .mts file contains the video clip. There is a different file within the file structure of your camera that contains the date and time. This information is used during import.


    In Final Cut Pro X, you have a little more visibility of the metadata, and you can add your own metadata. But even in FCPX, all that gets imported are the Date, Time, Duration, Audio Sample Rate, Codec, and Camera Name.

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    Thanks and rats - was hoping there was more info. Much appreciate the answer!