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I just updated and after my number was different why and how can I change it back? It won't let me in settings? I have sprint if that helps any.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Does your original number still work for texting or calls?


    Contact Apple. Make an appointment at an Apple store.

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    My iPad and iPhone 4 now have exactly the same number and contact emails. Both devices receive texts sent to the other. Not good, since iPhone is on AT&T account via contract, and iPad is on AT&T data plan, not associated with my iPhone account. My apple ID controls both for some unknown reason. Kind of stupid that my phone messages get sent to my iPad as well, but now nobody can contact me at my iPad.

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    Post your question in a new thread. It is totally unrelated to the OPs post that few will find your question here.


    When posting your question you might also look in the right column of this thread for "More Like This" which is a list of questions that are similar to yours. Your question has been answered several times in the last few days.

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    I had the same problem, read through as many threads as I could find.  I chatted with an apple advisor and here's a solution (i don't know if there is an easier way, but it works albeit time consuming).


    1.) Backup your phone. Go to icloud.com and log in to make sure you're set up.  Then go into settings -> icloud -> storage & backup - mange storage.  Tap on your phone's icon, make sure all the apps you want are "on".  go back and select "back up now".  Also and pictures you have make sure to put them on your computer.


    2.) Restore you phone to factory settings. 


    3.) As your iphone restarts and you set it up, select "set up as new"


    4.)  make sure you can call out and that under settings -> phone -> my number is in fact your number.


    5.) Go to settings -> general -> reset-> and select "erase all content and settings".  it will reboot again


    6.) This time in setup select "restore from icloud"


    It's time consuming, maybe took 45 minutes, but most of that was following conversing with a tech and then waiting.


    Hope it helps