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After having used for a long time different distant USB disks plugged on an Airport Extrem (AFP protocol with accounts ...), I conclude that in Mountain Lion, this schema induces too many issues with the Finder (Finder freezing, Finder restarting impossible, OSX unable to restart itself etc ... ).

Really only linked to ML ? Not sure either !



In fact, if i'm using simple shared folders, on the same network, with AFP protocol on an iMac (under SN 10.6.8 ... ) : I never encounter any issues !



Thus I privilege different ways to explain :

     USB disks are growing old too fast, to be plugged 24/7 (in fact, they are not servers and not built for that !); just a little bit tired, they induce too slowness to be handle correctly by Finder.

     Or there is a real issue in the AFP protocol between ML and the Airport Extrem shared disks.


     Or it could also be a question of electrical tension on the USB port ...



It could be interesting to get the opinion of someone who uses a Time Capsule ...  an hard disk built into an Airport Extrem.



In any case, from now, I will reinforce datas saved on BDs, DVDs ou CDs recordable, because, at the end, they are the ultimate solutions to preserve our memories , far from any risks of disks diseases, or erasures performed by error !

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPhone iMac Mac Book Pro ...
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    Ok, is my first time within the support comunities, sorry if misbehave. I have this same issue with Airport Extreme disk since Mountain Lion and is plain horrible. I was hoping for a fix and meanwhile I reduced my network drive usage to a minimum , any less than that I could just put it aside... I'm glad we opened this discussion and hope apple will join in and give us a fix.

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    From Apple here I guess not but why not ... lol


    Since few days now I have changed the way I manage my datas :

    - business files daily saved on an USB storage

    - homedirectories files burned at least once a month on DVDs or BDs (depending on the quantity)

    - avoid from now distant storages :

         1. on shares in my network due to slowness described in the title of this discussion ...

         2. on cloud solutions like iCloud or Dropbox, because this really makes me anxious with datas that do not belong to me anymore


    OK maybe this is a little bit retrograde, however, I really feel to master again all my datas.