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I have about 70 of my 426 albums on my Mac (iTunes) also on my iPad 3 (downloaded/synced) and my iPad is now running iOS 6.1--- and I can play the other 356 albums (about 1900 songs) on my iPad by using sharing on the iPad-- via selecting my Mac's music library (called "Steve's Music").  I see all the 1900 songs in LIST view on my iPad, but I only see about 80 albums in the album view!!!


Interestingly enough, if I use the iOS App "Remote" when I select "Steve's Music" I get a nice, colorful album view list of ALL MY 426 albums-- but of course with the App REMOTE I cannot play them on the iPad, rather can only select my Mac or my Apple TV.


Why if the Album view works via iOS remote app to show all my albums and album artwork, does it NOT WORK in the Music App in order to play music from my Mac (Steve's Music library) ON the iPad?????????


Any suggestions or comments appreciated!


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Steve Schulte

Saturday 2 February 2013

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    I found this answer in another thread


    Try this fix.


    Go to Settings -> Music -> Tap on your Home Sharing Apple ID, and Sign Out.


    Then enter your Apple ID again and password and tap done.


    Then open your Music app and go to more then shared.


    Worked for me.

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    I feel like I have a new iPad!


    Thank you so very much!


    I would have never, never thought of doing this.


    Prior to iOS 6.1 I wrote to the Apple discussions and many people replied but nothing worked. Your fast reply and straightforward solution needs to get posted in all the iOS guidebooks. Just great!


    You certainly did transform my iPad, made my day and it's going to be a musical and colorful weekend here in Belgium!


    If there was a way to award you 100 points–  and I'd love to know the other thread to say thanks there, too!


    Un très bon week-end et merci beaucoup !


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    2 February 2013-Groundhog Day!!

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    Votre accueil, Steve

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    And thank you again. But here's the second problem that I don't think I mentioned initially:


    When I open my shared music on my iPad (and now thanks to You I all my 426 albums) If I try to do a search by typing even the one letter in the search box within a second or two iTunes on my iPad crashes.


    Now going back to the app "remote" I can search my shared album on that and it works perfectly. So is this a bug in "Musi"c for iOS?


    Since I have marked this post solved let me know if you think I should re-post this issue (which is different) as a separate post.


    But if you have a miracle cure for that I'm all ears!


    Sincerest regards,



    2 February 2013

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    Search in the music app works fine on my iPhone and iPad without crashing.


    It sounds as though you need to reset the iPad or Iphone




    or if that does not work, make sure all your content is on the computer and restore to factory settings




    Then it willbe like a new ipad and you can set it up again and transfer all your content over

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    I don't think that restoring completely my iPad is the solution look at this December 30 post with the same issue:



    ***When i open Music app and go More>Shared>My Itunes Libary and do a search i get instant freeze for couple of secounds and then the Music app shutdown itself!!!! I have large libary shared on Home Sharing but can't search it because will crash the Music App...It's a brand new Ipad even with nothing installed it's getting this crash...I have done evrything i can find on internet to fix it but still the same.  Can someone point me what 2 do???

    Thank you in advance***



    I will try restarting or resetting it but don't expect that to solve it I really think we have a bug in the music app although it seems you do not have this problem.


    (How long would it take to do the restore if I restored my iPad because I have over 600 apps running?)


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    2 February 2013

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    I have about 9,000 songs in my itunes library that share over to my iPhone with no issues.


    If it was your mac you could just reinstall the iTunes app not the whole OS. On an iPad you cannot do this.


    For some people this is an issue with search but I have never seen it on my devices


    I am running IOS 6.1 and Mac 10.8.2


    Resetting the iPad is the first easy step. Very quick. Then move on to restore to factory settings on your iPad again to restore takes about 10 mins but you will then have to resync your content as well


    If that does not work you may have to look at restoring from a new copy of ios 6.

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    The restarting and then the resetting did nothing to improve this.


    If I type quickly for example the letters ABB then you will find for example the album Abba but as soon as you see it music app crashes.


    Since everything else is working perfectly on my iPad and since I am a fanatic about having every page set up just the way I want, I'm afraid restoring and then syncing back all the applications and reorganizing this would take the best part of two days.


    If I had 9000 or like some people 90,000 songs then I certainly would probably use the search function a lot. But with 1900 songs and less than 500 albums I'm just glad to finally see the albums.


    And from all the activity on the discussions group I really think this is a bug with the music app and an updated version will be issued by Apple to solve this. I shall also file a bug report.


    This could indeed be something concerning the iPad which doesn't occur on the iPhone they are somewhat different.


    Thanks again and I'll keep looking for solutions before doing a restore.


    Best regards,



    2 February 2013

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    Interesting I just looked at the search on my music app.  When I type in abba it finds Abba as an artist, The Abba as an album along with a Carmen LP i have The artist is Claudio Abbado so that works right.


    When I scroll down to the Songs it shows 17 results but no artwork or track details.


    When I click on any track i get Abacab by Genesis playing. So I guess it is a bug.