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So I am willing to install a OCZ Vector 128GB into my 17' late 2011 macbook pro.


I have a 750GB HDD spinning at 7200, which I want to use in the optical bay, throwing out my ComboDrive.

I would partition as  Windows(200GB),BACKUP(150GB), DATA(400GB).


I would like to use the SSD as a boot drive with only OSX installed. I would use the backup as a time machine backup.

I wont fullfill my SSD, Im buying 128GB because I only store my system and apps on it, so it will use 60-80GB MAX!

Eventhough I will change the home directory to be in the DATA drive.


What my question is that will I be able to backup my WHOLE SSD to the Backup drive, so i keep a day-to-day copy on my HDD?

Will I be able to boot from the HDD with Windows installed on it?

MacBook Pro (17-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)