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i tunes card is not working, telling me your itunes store ( saudi arabia ) does not match that of the gift certification ( united states ). although i bought the card from saudi arabia. thanks

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    As far as I know iTunes gift cards aren't available in Saudi Arabia. What does it say on the backup of the card ? The ones I have here in the UK say that they are only valid for the UK store - all iTunes gift cards are country-specific and can only be used in their country of issue

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    this is the card, and sure we have here itunes cards as everywhere.

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    On the right-hand side of that card it says that it's only valid in the US store - so you will need to be in the US with a US iTunes account to be able to use it.


    iTunes cards are not available in all countries, and I can't find anything that says that there are Saudi cards.

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    the thing is that this is #1 store in the kingdom and they sell lots of cards since years, so if its not working how come they r still selling it, i think there is a way to use it. i can still go there and ask for help, but thought i can get help here. thanks anyways.