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I have an iMac 11,2 in 3 partitions.   One which I've used the past 8 months that had Mountain Lion to test the applications, one which I had Lion, and one that had the factory Snow Leopard.    My testing complete, I installed Mountain Lion on the Lion partition.   The old Mountain Lion partition I erased with Disk Utility.  And using my USB Flash drive I tried to install Lion.    I had other things happening on my network that time that the network traffic of an installer would interrupt, and didn't think the Flash drive installer needed an internet connection.  Well it appears it does.   Cause when I got to the point of creating a replacement recovery partition it baulked.    Rebooting from the Flash drive it sat there for 6 hours and did nothing but say "Installing."     The next reboot since I figured nothing was working, revealed my new Mountain Lion partition was still fine, and so was my 10.6 partition.    But reformatting the new Lion partition I wasn't able to get the installer to stop believing the installation had failed.    I'm thinking I need to find the failed created Lion Recovery partition and erase it, but I don't know how. Any thoughts on the matter?

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