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I want to set up a pc to run an instance of iTunes so that we can use it as a shared home network.


We currently have three iPads, two iPad minis, two iPods, two iPhones and an apple tv.  We have one old family pc which runs iTunes when it is switched on.


We would like to set up a net top pc purely to host iTunes and allow the other iPads etc to view videos and music.  Our iTunes library is held on a western digital nas and backed up to a qnap nas (which is only switched on every now and then).


Q. Is a net top man enough to do this? Do the files come through the net top or do they come direct from the nas?


All suggestions welcome.


Many thanks in advance.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5
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    My iTunes library, stored on a Synology NAS, is home shared to iPhones/iPads/AppleTV's by an always on Mac Mini.


    Was kinda tricky in OS X getting iTunes not to start till the NAS volume had been mounted, but it's working well.


    Not sure what you mean by a "net top", but the media will always come from where ever iTunes is running.