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I was going in my Time Capsule settings within the Airport Utilities... I wanted to extend my wireless network so I clicked on this option.  When I clicked it... the Time Capsule restarted and now is not showing up in Airport Utilities and there is a flashing amber light on my TC.  Any way I can remove the extend my wireless network and put it back to Join a Wireless network?


Any help would be awesome...



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    We need a bit more information to understand your setup.


    What version of AirPort Utility are you using?  If you are not sure, open AirPort Utility and click on the AirPort Utility menu at the upper left corner of the screen. Then click on About AirPort Utility. Post back with the version number that you see there.


    The Time Capsule cannot "extend" a wireless network unless it is connecting to another Apple router....an AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, or another Time Capsule.



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    Thank you Bob for your help... well that answered my question.  I am an idiot... so now I know why it did not work.  So I just did a hard reset and put it back to normal.  Again, thanks.