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Hi all,


My macmini won't jump into recovery boot sequence. I tried everything but I cant boot it to recover either from recovery HD ( start with option key) or start with cmd+r for recovery mode nor with the cmd+option+r for internet recovery.


The cmd+r sequence is totally dead. It comes directly after the apple logo and the spinning wheel into e white screen and thats it


The option key sequence let me choose the recovery HD but ends agaiin the white screen and game over


And the cmd+option+r sequence comes up twith the rotating earth ... Load a lot (30 mins) and than goes directly to the white screen and ...nirvana



Ok, I am not an expert but it seems to be a problem with the boot itselves independend which kind of source. I always thought that recovery mode is something which is always accessable but i learned today that this is not always the case....


I did already a SCM reset, a PRAM reset, a successful normal Hardware test ( 50 s "D" key) , again the intensive Hardware test finished successful without any errors and no glue what to do next...


Please som ideas?


Thx guys

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7)