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so i have a 2010 mac mini (intel) that i use as a HTPC. i have dual drives installed - lion on the standard HD and windows 7 on the ssd. i was formatting some external drives for storage using NTFS and, like an idiot, accidently formatted the regular drive (with lion) in NTFS, which of course wiped it clean. so now i have a mac mini that only boots into windows 7. i found online how to format the hard drive back into HFS+ so it can get lion put back on. now how do i get lion back on it? i know i can take it to apple and they can do it, but i would like a way to save some $$ and do it myself if possible? there are a bunch of hackintosh threads on installing mac on a pc, but that is not what i am trying to do here (if it was, i would just be following one of those threads). i am just trying to get mac osx back on my mac drive using a pc.  thanx in advance for any advice.

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.1)
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No, if that is the case you can use Internet Recovery, we'll come back to that if required.
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A Mac Mini (Mid 2010)'s firmware can be upgraded to take advantage of OS X Internet Recovery: Computers that can be upgraded to use OS X Internet Recovery Presumably you did, as long as you kept abreast of firmware updates for your Mini. This will work even if you completely erased the Recovery partition. Installing OS X using Internet Recovery will recreate the Recovery partition. In the highly unlikely event that you did not update its firmware to use OS X Internet Recovery, you would need to reinstall Snow Leopard on the Mac partition using its installation DVD, then download and install Lion from the App Store. You don't have to purchase it again.

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