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so i have a 2010 mac mini (intel) that i use as a HTPC. i have dual drives installed - lion on the standard HD and windows 7 on the ssd. i was formatting some external drives for storage using NTFS and, like an idiot, accidently formatted the regular drive (with lion) in NTFS, which of course wiped it clean. so now i have a mac mini that only boots into windows 7. i found online how to format the hard drive back into HFS+ so it can get lion put back on. now how do i get lion back on it? i know i can take it to apple and they can do it, but i would like a way to save some $$ and do it myself if possible? there are a bunch of hackintosh threads on installing mac on a pc, but that is not what i am trying to do here (if it was, i would just be following one of those threads). i am just trying to get mac osx back on my mac drive using a pc.  thanx in advance for any advice.

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.1)