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I have quite a lot problems with Apple hardware and software. After spending several hours to find solutions on the Apple site and also from external sources, my effort gave 0 results. Can anybody tell to the Apple folks, sitting on the Olympus, that ignoring users is like shooting your own leg?


Here is a list describing some of the problems:

1. My iPad refuses to collaborate with my brand new Mac Mini.

2. Some of my purchased stuff does not show on the iPad.

3. There is no way to simply delete 10000 photos from my iPad. (I have tried all prescriptions described at Apple Support Communities, nothing helps. Some of them even don't resemble options on my iPad.) . I am going to RESET the iPad, probably that is the best solution.

4. I am unable to download purchased software and reinstall it.

5. My new Mac Mini reboots itself unpredictably once or twice every day. I am sending everyday reports to Apple folks. Anybody knows what they are doing with these reports?


Anybody shares my experience?



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 8 GB, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
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    Hello taid,


    Much as we may sympathise this is not the place to complain.   No-one here can do anything for you and broadcasting you unhappiness can only (temporarily) satisfy yourself.   It won't solve the problem.


    Find the most suitable area here and write a firm, but pleasant letter to them.


    Apple - How to Contact Us

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    Clearly something is not right. No one would tolerate what you are describing, but complaining about it won't fix what's wrong.


    Why don't you start with #5. After your Mini restarts itself, it will present this dialog:


    Your computer restarted because of a problem.png


    Click Report... then copy and paste the text in a reply. Send the report to Apple.


    Apple uses these reports to consider changes to OS X that are released in future updates. They won't thank you for sending them, but they do consider all reports that are sent. If the problem is due to a flaw in OS X, it always takes more time that we would prefer for Apple to fix it, but they always fix it. Every time.


    Lastly if your Mac Mini really is brand new, consider returning it. You have 14 days from the date of purchase for a no questions asked return and refund with no restocking charge. If you're beyond that, you can take advantage of Apple's complimentary 90 day telephone support. The standard warranty is one year. You already paid for all these services as part of the Mini's price, so take advantage of them.

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    And just to add to John's considered viewpoint, the key is definitely via the route that allows product return.    And it is not unknown for store managers to slightly exceed these limitations.


    Point is, Apple is not a bad company.  They make mistakes but on the whole they are decent.  

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    Re. your #3: my immediate reaction to that problem is: you have most likely filled up your iPad to its' capacity (10,000 photos) and it is no longer able to run/respond to anything. A complete reset/start over would be advisable if such is the case - hopefully you have your files/pics backed up.

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    Classic Mac OS

    AppleCare Support Phone Number: 1-800-275-2273

    open 6am to 6pm Pacific Time

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    Topic 1. It depends on what you mean by "refuses to collaborate" but iPods & iOS devices generally want to sync with a single library. If you haven't ported your previous library over to your new computer properly then you may have problems. See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.



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    You most likely borked it with the 10,000 photos.  What were you thinking?