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I'm using garage band on my ipad 2 to record songs. I bought this device called irig to connect my guitar to my ipad for recording. So I put my headphones on and plug in my guitar to start recording. But I also want the metronome to play while I'm recording, so I turn on the metronome and record my guitar part. But then when I listen to my guitar part that I just recorded, I can hear (faintly) in the background, the metronome playing! Why can I hear the metronome in my recording? How can I fix this? Please help!!!!!

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
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    I have this exact same problem! I don't know how to solve it but I have come up with a work around.


    The output to my headphones is recording on top of whatever audio input I am playing in. So the louder the audio output, the greater the impact it has on the recording.


    Therefore, I turn the output right down and use my amplifier to ramp up the volume. This way I can still hear the backing tracks and metronome etc. but because the output from the IPad itslef is very quiet, it isn't audible in the recording. Would still like it to be fixed though!

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    Yse same issue.  Irig with my guitar and when I record everything bleeds into the new recording.  Pretty much makes the whole thing useless?  What's the fix?