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I'm finally getting a decent machine to handle Aperture 3:

Intel i7-3820 4.67GHz Quad Core

32GBs DDR3 1333Mhz RAM

120GB SATA6GBp/s SSD (OS & Application Drive)

Nvidia GTS 450 1GB DDR3 Video Card

120GB SATA6GBp/s SSD Scratch Drive

3TB 7,200rpm 64MB Cache Hard Drive (backup & storage)

It will run OS Lion 10.7.5


Plan "A" is to do a fresh install of Aperture from the app store, then somehow migrate my projects from the old imac which is running aperture 3.1.2 .

Is this feasable? System limitations on the old (early 2006 core-duo) leave me unable to update on this machine... plan "A", while costing $80, seems like it might leave me with a less bug prone version of aperture,  and spare me the hassle of re-establishing the annoying proof of retail purchase replacement serial number thing.  Has anyone out there used this method to establish Aperture on a new machine?

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    dinofromel cerrito,

    good luck with your new machine! Aperture will be fun on that one.


    But why are you afraid of a hazzle with the serial number? Is your old Aperture installation an upgrade from Aperture 2, and do you no longer have the serial number?


    You can copy your Aperture 3 serial number from the About panel on your old system: Aperture > About Aperture.


    Then install from your original installation media and update immediately, using Software Update. This will give you exactly the same Aperture version as buying Aperture new from the AppStore. The only difference, if you are buying Aperture from the AppStore, will be a different licence. The licence you now have entitles you to the installation on two macs (one laptop, one desktop), the new licence from the AppStore will entitle you to install Aperture on any Apple branded computer you control. So you really need only to do this, if you are going to install Aperture on more than two machines.




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    Is your old Aperture installation an upgrade from Aperture 2, and do you no longer have the serial number?

    Yes, exactly.  I recently tried to install using the "original installation media" - (a disc) on my new machine while it was still in the showroom (Try before you buy)  and using the replacement serial number from Apple that they gave me to get from Aperture 2 to 3...  (I had thrown out the box)  No Joy.  At that time it didn't occur to me to try the Aperture 3 serial number from the About panel.  I'll have to give that a shot when I get the beast home on Tuesday.  By the way, regarding the liscencing for "one laptop, one desktop" - does that present a problem when copying from one desktop to a second (new) desktop?


    Many thanks for your help here.

    Dino, San Francisco Bay Area