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Will the ibook author be available for the new iPad? I've got a MacBook but its easier to use the iPad because of a disability.

I use an ibook creator on the iPad at the moment, but I would much prefer to use the Apple Ibook creator.

I haven't actually published anything yet and I'm thinking that it would be better to use the ibook author, so I can submit it straight to the ibook store.

Also, does anyone know if there are any proofreading and editing tools that I could use, as it is very expensive getting someone to do it for me. I had a quote of around £850 for a 100,000 word book!

Thank you. Any help will be most appreciated :)

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Solved by Meg St._Clair on Feb 2, 2013 12:12 PM Solved
Until Apple releases an iOS version of the app, that's not possible. You could look into some of the apps that allow you to acces your computer remotely from your iPad.