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Here is my situation:


My school has a six year life cycle for macs, and we have a 2006 Mac Pro (1,1) that is reaching the end of its useful life. I had recently tried Final Cut Pro X and it pains me to say that it took 4 hours to export a 14 minute 720p video. This mac is used for our school news and has to be a beast video editing machine. We have been saving money for quite some time and can now afford a decent upgrade.


So my question to you is which would be the best upgrade for the money: a 21.5 inch iMac with an i7, 8gb RAM, and Fusion drive or the cheapest Mac Pro with after market SSD?


I am looking for something that would really power through Final Cut Pro X and be able to usefully last us another 6 years.

Please help I am forever perplexed with this!