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Hi there,


I have had my iphone 4 for just over a year now. I backed up all my photos on my laptop on a very regular basis, and so when my memory was getting full, I deleted hundreds of my photos off my iphone as I thought it didnt matter because I had copies on my laptop. My laptop broke last week as the hardrive has burnt out, meaning I have lost all of said photos. I thought I had photo streamon my iphone turned on, but after checking this evening, stupidly, I have not.


Ordinarily I know that I could do an itunes restore, but now I have a new laptop so that will no longer be an option, as it is a brand new itunes and has only ever been synced to my phone once all the old photos had been deleted. I desperately need some of those photos back - anyone have any ideas if this is at ALL possible!? Is it worth using a data recovery programme online? If so, which can anybody recommend? I am reculant to try them as they seem to be quite scammy and I imagine them to be virus ridden!



iPhone 4 (8GB)