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  • MichelPM Level 6 (11,339 points)

    I Have to agree with Shootist on this one.

    Not worth THAT price!

    Check your Apple website to see if there are any older refurbished models.

    These will be cheaper, but carry Apple's full support and warranty.

    Also, maybe look to purchase an older iMac that's more in line with your budget.

    Look online for iMac models from 2009-2011.

    If you have any type of Authorized Apple resellers of older Apple Macs, you maybe be able to get an older iMac for a much better price.

    Good Luck.

  • Crazed Apple lover Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had 3 macs. 1 G5 a MacBook Pro late 2008 and a soon to be Imac 2006 first intel based. Just to say it Macs do last about 90% longer than windows. In my personal opinion Windows is amazing and sh*tty at the same time because windows gets VIRUSES where Macs Donot and Windows also has 1 million updates that constantly get done every 5 seconds and also because they are kinda slow as macs usually always ensure long lasting power and are tough when they are dropped... Only happened once by (accident-Fell out of my car). But when it comes to windows most of the Laptop PC's these days are made out of plastic so if dropped u have to get a new one. But heres where people (Especially teens) vere off, the one time i will ever downrate a mac is for 2 reasons. 1.

    The 2006 imac i just ordered in the yr. 2013) 8/26/13 or something like that has the Famous Vertical line problem. 2. Apple charges amazing loads of money to fix problems without apple care which is like a grand. then last but not least 3. Terrible for gaming. Otherwise if u want an amazing speed computer for everything but hardcore gaming (Which most of us never do anymore!) Apple is the computer for u! Honestly I hated Macs for the longest time because i didnt like the User interface or the U/i but then i got a macbook pro for free and that made me want to give apple a second try and i've been in LOVE with apple ever since then which is about a year ago so yeah, If you dont play video games, Imacs and Macbooks are the Best computer on the planet. But however i believe in the next 3/4 years macs will be game compatible for those gamers out there. it kinda already is though but then again no GTA,No B02 and other shooters but i dont game very much anymore so yeah, i love everything about apple!


    -Michael wisdom

  • ADI3652 Level 1 (0 points)

    A few short statements on Shootist007:

    1. Shootist007 is being too negative on iMacs.
    2. Shootist007 probably never used an iMac or doesn't have the money to buy an iMac.
    3. Shootist007 should first buy a new iMac and then post anything on this question.


    A few short statements about iMacs:

    1. iMacs are pretty expensive.
    2. iMacs are simplistic.
    3. iMacs are beautiful and powerful.
    4. iMacs become cheap in the long run.
    5. iMacs usually work smoothly for about 5 years.
    6. iMacs are worth every single dollar.


    My 2007 iMac 17" worked smoothly until 2011 and I could still use it but I bought an iMac 27" in mid 2011.

    I am completely happy with all my Apple products.

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