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I am trying to move my iPhoto library to an external hard drive (Seagate Go Flex wireless) but it won't let me drag and drop. When I drag the iphoto icon over the 'drop files here' it just disappears. No error message. I am running mountain lion. What can I do?

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    (Seagate Go Flex wireless)

    What is your iPhoto version? And your Mac OS X version?

    With iPhoto '11 your iPhoto library needs to be on a drive formatted Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). Is your external drive formatted this way? If your drive is formatted differently, iPhoto will not be able to open the iPhoto library there.

    When I drag the iphoto icon

    And are you really trying to drag your photo library (from your "Pictures" folder) or your iPhoto application from the "Applications" folder? On MAcoS X 10.7 or later you will not be able to drag the application from the Applications folder.




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    I am using OS X 10.8.2 and iPhoto 9.4.2.


    I have restored my iphoto library (16k photos) from Time Capsule onto my desktop so trying to drag and drop from there. I am trying to copy the library not the application.


    Any suggestions?




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    I don't have a Seagate wireless drive; but I just looked at the manual.


    I think you are supposed to drag single photo files to the 'drop files here' , not a whole iPhoto  library. And I could find no information on the format of the seagate drive. iPhoto will not work, if the drive is not formatted MacOS X Extended.


    Do you see your seagate drive as a disk on your Desktop or in the Finder's sidebar, or are you dragging to a well in an application window?