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Since upgrading to iOS 6.1 I can not change the notifcation sound for emails. It's kinda a pain when I want to change a Family Guy tone to a more laxed tone. I've tried changing the system settings and still, the tone / notifcation will not change ...




Any ideas ? Or is this becoming a comon problem ...

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    jonathan from white lake wrote:


    Since upgrading to iOS 6.1 I can not change the notifcation sound for emails.

    Settings > Notifications > Mail > <Gmail> > New Mail Sound > Select a Tone

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    Yes, I'm here in England with my iPhone 4S and, following updating to the iOS 6.2, I'm having trouble with Text Message notifications and received calls.

    In both cases, most of the time I don't receive any sound notifications that Ai either have a text or call!

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one, but what is happening about putting it right?

    Please help, as I'm missing a lot of important texts and calls, as I'm unaware people have tried to contact me!

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    That's strange because I'm not using an external such as gmail. I'm using our I house exchange server. Wouldn't if you change the notifcation sound in the general settings change the, well, notifcation sound ? It seams like a broken link to have to change a 2nd step.


    Thank you, Jon

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    Not sure if this will work for you as was dealing with another problem a work colleague was having (He could not adjust the sound up or down using side buttons or even here any sounds from the speaker, whilst playing music).


    I went in to the sound settings and switched off the {change with buttons} for ringtones and then reebooted the phone.  This then worked for him and he could control the sounds again and then get music to play.  I have a 5 and he has a 4s, but I don't have the CwB switched on on mine and noticed I had no issues after the upgrade.


    Would suggest trying this and see if it resolves your issues.





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    Having the same issue with a 4S.  Tried the "Change with buttons" and reboot...  Still didnt work.  Bummed! 

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    I am having a similar problem.  After upgrading to the new IOS 6.1, I have no sound when I receive a text message...how can this be fixed.  Phone still rings but no sound when receiving a text message.

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    Apologies if I'm stating the obvious but have you made sure that you haven't inadvertently selected 'No Sound' for text alerts in your Sound Settings?