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When trying to import a RAW file from my CF card taken on a 5D Mark II the thumbnail shows up, but when I press "import all" a red circle with a white exclamation point shows up on the thumbnail and the photo is not imported.  What is this error message?

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    Are tou using the Camera Connection Kit and plugging that inti ypur camera?


    Not exactly sure but the 21.1 megapixel file on the 5D MKII may be too large. There is a file size limit.


    Try taking a photo with RAW plus jpg set on your camera and see if the jpg can be imported.

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    Ralph9430, thank you so much, that worked for me!  I will be in Africa for 2 weeks and was hoping to take just the ipad and camera gear.  I was also hoping not to have to store the extra JPG file on my CF card but maybe I"ll just get some more cards for the trip.

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    More cards are a good idea. I would not depend on transferring photos to my iPad without having them still on the card.


    When I travel I take enough cards, shoot RAW plus jpg and transfer to my ipad only those files I want to work with or share with others. I leave all files on the card and do not delete them. I keep the cards in a waterproof card case. When I get home I transfer all photos to my computer and two backup disks.

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    Yes I never delete files from the cards until I get home and transfer them to my photo hard drives.  I ordered more cards and some cases.  Thanks for the tips!