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I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this....when I create an event in iCal, more times than not the event mysteriously disappears within a day or so. LIke it was never there, there will be an empty event that says "New Event" within the Phone, Meeting, Email calender.


These days, I take screen shots of my entries in "week view" mode to verify that SOME recently entered events are disappearing on their own.


It is happening across all of my devices, iPad, iPhone etc. I am running the latest OS for all devices.


To try to fix the issue, I have quit the iCal app on and re launched it while holding down the Shift key, which I understand resets the program. Restarted the computer, zap pram, verified & repaired permissions. Nothing has worked.


Any advice and or insight would be much appreciated.


Thank you,


pb g4, Mac OS X (10.4.2)