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So, I'm trying to simplify my life lol. I'm back on Mac after a few years on those other platforms. I've got a new iPhone and am using my iBook G4 with Tiger. I've found a workaround for getting my music off the iPhone and onto the G4. I have a new iCloud email. The Hotmail and Gmail accounts are used heavily so they are now on the G4 as well (for now).


I'm trying to use as much Mac stuff as I can. Keep it simple. What can iCal do? I pretty much figure it can't sync with iCloud which is a bummer because I've moved all my calendaring from Gmail to iCloud. Or is it possible? What can I do with iCal? Will Gmail calendar sync? Will Hotmail? Will iCloud sync somehow? What voodoo is there to make this old PPC G4 running Tiger effective?

iBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)