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HI guys,


Before I post this question, I've searched and read a lot of informations about the iTunes Match but I still dont understand what they meant "10 devices limited".


There are four people in my family and we are the iFans. Each of us owns atleast 4 products of Apple at the moment. We are using a personal account for iMessage and Facetime. But we use only two main iTunes accounts to buy the Paid Apps, one for iPhone's apps and the other one for iPad's apps (WHY? Because we can save the money and easy to manage the apps). All our iPhones and iPads use only iCloud account because we need the function "FIND MY IPHONE".







IF I subscribe iTunes Match on the computer (A) via iTunes then I upload some musics to that iTunes Match's account. Can my father download the musics on the iTunes Match to his iPhone without authorizes with the computer (A)? Because my father is working oversea for a few weeks, he is not in Australia at the moment. So he couldnt be here to authorize his iPhone with the iTunes.


We have more than 10 devices and we use only two main accounts. Does the iTunes Match really useful to us?





iPhone 5, iOS 6.1, We have more than 20 devices
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    His KB article may help you: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4627?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


    In short with 16 devices not all of them can use the same iTunes Match account. Keep in mind that "associating" is not the same as "authorization." You authorize a computer to play protected content and there can be a maximum of 5 computers authorized for one Apple ID. But iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, AppleTV) do not require authorization. They are associated.


    iTunes Match is designed to be a single-user service that is never signed out of. It not really designed to be shared. For a device to use an iTunes Match subscription it MUST be signed into the iTunes Store Apple ID which was used to purchase the service. Once a device is authorized and iTunes Match is enabled that device is locked out of switching Apple IDs form90'days.


    Since your family has more than one iTunes Store Apple ID you might want to consider purchasing the service for both IDs, on different computers.

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    Michael's answer is correct, but I wanted to highlight that the one AppleID *per device* rule applies to computers as well;  that is, you cannot run Match (or re-download music at all) for more than one AppleID per computer (not per computer account). This is a confusing rule that most people only become aware of when they get burned by it.


    It's clear that the "authorization" and "association" rules were invented by different departments at Apple that never spoke to each other.