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I'm only starting a new discussion because everytime someone asks the same question I have, everyone starts providing answers to a DIFFERENT problem.


The backstory:


I have a longstanding apple ID.  I like it; it has worked fine.  I have an iPhone 4S.  I was setting up iCloud on my son's iPhone 4S, when I noticed that "Notes" was an option for syncing with iCloud.  I thought:  that's nice, I'll turn that on for all of us, so our Notes can be saved to iCloud. 


When I turned Notes on, a popup said that you could only sync Notes if you had a required icloud address, and it prompted me to create one.  I thought I was creating one for my son.  I added his name before the @icloud.com. 


When I went to iCloud, it now says my apple ID is both my gmail address AND this icloud address I thought I was just creating for my son.  I want it gone, or changed.


Here's what I have tried:

  • I went to "Manage my Apple ID" and removed the icloud address.  No dice.
  • I deleted iCloud from the devices and put it back on.  No go.


I would like a simple: yes/no answer:

Is it possible to change ONLY the icloud address associated with my (gmail) apple ID?

iPhone 4S