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I have an original M-Box (2007) came with Pro Tools.  Loaned it & just got it back.  Found iLok software and digidesigh Core Audio 7.4.2 drivers.  Installed & Audacity works perfect with the M-Box.  garageBand does the following.


1. takes about 15 sec & activity monitor show re 'not rsponding'

2. After 5 minutes GB loads & looks OK 9select start a get tracks etc.

3. Then get "MIDI timeout' & GB starts taking 100% CPU resources & just hangs.

4. I force quit GB


5. Removed all of the Digidesign drivers.

6 get same 1-5 above.  M-Box is Not connected.  Tried re-install GB tried shut down, etc.


Any thoughts?




Carl  MacBook Pro OS X 10.7.5 Lion