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Hey guys,

I want to give or Gift an app to a friend, so I went into the app store in Itunes on my pc and saw the gift option.

The problem is that I haven`t set up any credit card information yet, and have been using the Itunes cards to buy apps.

Now heres the question, if the Itunes store shows that I have money in my Itunes acount, what difference show it make what method I used to put it there. Why should it make any difference weather I setup a credit card or if I choose to use the Itunes cards. If I can buy stuff from the store reediming itunes gift cards then why can`t i use the same money and buy the same app that I have to give to someone else.Doesen`t make any sense.

Also on a second note, apple needs to their act in gear, with Itunes there is at least the gift option however on the app store app on the phone itself there is not gift option.

For the most part if theres an app on my phone that a friend would like, and I am willing to pay for it for them to have, why should I have to go to a PC or Mac and go though Itunes for me to give it to them. Most of the time that this situation would come up, would be on the go, either out at a bar, going for coffee, maybe at work, places that would not be even close to a computer. Any social setting. You sit down with someone happen to show them the phone and an paticular app, the other person takes an intrest in it, but doesn`t have any money on their account. You offer the $.99 cents ot $2 to pay for it for them from your account, you then go on your account gift the app to their Apple ID, and POOF they now have the same app on their phone, and trying it out for themselves right in front of you.

You don`t have to go back to your computer and gift it to them, and who knows you may not see that person again for days weeks or even months.

If you have money on your Itunes account, weather that be by Credit Card or by Itunes Gift Cards, weather youre at your own computer using Itunes, or on the go going through the App Store app right on your phone, you should have the ability to "Gift" or pay for an app for someone, and give it to them.

I thought Apple was suppose to be making things easier to share and socialize data with other Iphone Users, if thats the case Then I do we still have these issues.

Hopefully they get this resolves,



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