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So I have a Sony DCR-HC32 camera and have imported a small clip into FCPX.  Once I export the file to a .MOV  (using Pro Res 422), any motion in the video looks horrible.  When there is motion it looks like a bunch of lines are visible in the video.  Does anyone know why this is happening and if I need to change settings to correct?

Final Cut Pro X
  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,505 points)

    Sounds like you're seeing interlacing, which is normal when viewing DV media on a computer.

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    I am a bit confused by that answer Tom.  I have imported DV files, combined them and exported the movie as either a .MOV, .MP4, or .AVI before with no issues, not sure why I am experiencing it now. My goal isn't to have these exported to DVD, but rather to watch them on my computer/tv and be able to backup them up.  So if this is normal, then how am I ever able to watch DV media converted to .MOV etc? 

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    If the media is for computer display export it using one of the web or Apple device presets. You could also use Compressor or MPEG Streamclip or JES Deinterlacer, but a simple export function designed for computer display might be easiest.