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My Iphone 5 A1429 Don't work in LTE Telia DK.

I am attaching photos to better understand.

foto 1.PNG

foto 2.PNG

I do not understand why, Telia Denmark is supported for LTE or 4G operator for iphone 5!

I tried to cottare iphone but I can not, and Copenhagen, there is no apple store, and my mobile operator does not know how to help me!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1, Telia DK and Iphone 5 A1429
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    I'ts not clear what you are saying.  In one screenshot you have LTE turned on, and in the other, you turned it off. 


    "I tried to cottare iphone" has no meaning in English.

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    I'm sorry, but I do not speak English well .... LTE active on my phone, does not work, if you look network service (nessun segnale), in the upper left, you will see no signal,. while turning off LTE, 3G works, and ok.

    And my Danish operator (TELIA DK), supports LTE for iPhone 5, And I would like to use LTE.

    But in my case no!

    And I do not know, maybe it's your phone model is not compatible?

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    1. telia does not support lte at all

    2. your iphone is broken


    then you beef is with telia and their support

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    It is possible that the iphone is broken? or the model is not supported my A1429 GSM / CDMA, and the one shown on the site A1429 GSM)?

    Link. http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/


    Schermata 2013-02-03 alle 01.38.01.png

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    I have the same problem.


    I had no problems using my iPhone with LTE in Germany's T-Mobile network. After Telia introduced LTE support in iOS 6.1 and after I got a carrier update message, my iPhone allows now to turn on LTE.


    But whenever I do this, after a couple of seconds (probably when it tries switching to LTE) my phone just shows "No network" and I have to reboot and deactivate LTE to reestablish my connection.

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    Have you solved the problem? You can use LTE? Or use only the 3G?

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    No, I haven't solved it but I also opened a support ticket at Telia and can let you know if they find an answer.

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    I wrote to TELIA DK. But I do not have answers! I went to a shop Telia, and they told me to contact Apple.

    I just think the model A1429 GSM / CDMA are not supported by Telia.

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    LTE is a 4G level service and is faster than 3G.  When you disable LTE service, the iPhone is switched over to the slower 3G service.


    However, your iPhone is supposed to automatically switch to 3G service if it does not detect LTE service.  There may be something wrong with iOS 6.1 because it is not correctly switching from LTE to 3G.  It may also be causing connection problems with LTE.


    By the way, I am having the same problem in Canada with the LTE connection on my iPad Mini - seems to have started happening after I upgraded to iOS 6.1

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    Now I got feedback from Telia. LTE is not supported for their tariff "Telia Talk", even though this is nowhere communicated (at least the Telia tech supporter I have been talking with was not aware of this).


    The only thing one can currently do is to manually disable LTE or change to another plan.

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    Problem solved, the carrier did not set on the database for my iphone for LTE or 4G network, now works correctly and without problems!