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I'm using imovie 11 version 8.0.8 on OS X 10.8.2 on an imac.   iMovie keeps crashing especially when adding titles to a project.


I searched for a solution and found several sources that indicate to delete the three imovie related files in the library/preferences folder (which is now hidden).   however when I go to that folder i only find one of the imovie files, the one called: com.apple.iMovieApp.plist.   There are supposed to be two other com.apple.imove.xxx files.


I delete the com.apple.iMovieApp.plist file, then restart imovie, but this does not solve the problem.


Can someone help?  What else could I try?


I've already checked for software updates and I'm running on the latest.


Thank you.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)