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We have been backing up my MacBook air, and my wife's MacBook Pro to a 1 TB time capsule. My wife replaced her hard drive with a hard drive of the same size and restored it. Since then she receives a message that there's not enough memory on the time capsule to back up. In evaluating the time capsule, it appears that my backups are taking up 730 some gigabytes. I tried deleting old backup files using the finder, but it did not free up any space on the time capsule.


How can I free up space on my time capsule so that my wife can back up also?

Solved by LaPastenague on Feb 2, 2013 8:42 PM Solved

Deleting the old files out of the sparsebundle does not reduce the size of the sparsebundle..


You should archive off the old backups erase the TC and start over.