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would like to burn songs from garage band to disc  ipad to pc- thanks

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
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    You have to put a little more effort in explaining your problem/question.


    • What steps did you do?
    • You cannot "burn from iPad to disc, so are you talking a bout a two step process?
    • By "PC" do you mean Windows machine (and not a Mac)
    • With "Song", do you mean the Song File (GarageBand Project file to be opened on the computer) or do you mean the mixed and bounced version of your Song (audio file, i.e. mp3)
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    Edgar-thanks for the reply

    Actually, what I'm doing is using Garage Band (on iPad) to rip vinyl.  I've got the songs saved as single tracks in Garage Band.  I want to share the songs via iTunes then sync to iTunes on a PC (yes, a Windows machine).  After that I'd burn a copy to cd.  Eventually, I'll do the same with original recordings mixed and bounced.  So right now I guess the tracks would be Garage Band Project files.

    This is what I've done following the steps outlined in Article: TS3642 (GarageBand for iOS: Sharing songs with iTunes for Windows.

    1.) iPad- in Garage Band select My Songs<Edit then highlight song

    2.)tap Share Song Via iTunes then

    3.)the Choose Format screen pops up< select iTunes

    4.) the Share song screen appears<enter artist, album name and select audio quality(high quality 192kBit/s<tap share.

    5.) Garage Band then sends song to iTunes

    6.) Sync iOS device (iPad) with my computer (Windows)

    7.) In iTunes (on PC) select iOS device (iPad) click Apps tab, and select Garage Band

    The last step is where you should be able to see your songs- I see Garage Band but not the songs?

    So, I'm trying to get the songs into iTunes on my PC and burn to disc.

    your reply and help are greatly appreciated.



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    Your steps are correct and your audio file should be available in the iTunes File Sharing section for GargeBand.

    THe only thing I could think of is that you exported the GarageBand Project File and not the GarageBand (mixed) Audio File. Exporting a GarageBand Project File to a WIndow's iTunes doesn't make much sense  because GarageBand 11 is not available for Windows.


    Make sure to click on the iTunes button in step 2)




    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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