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Ok, I finally got the home sharing to work on my laptop...My itunes is on the desktop computer and I home shared it to my laptop... I updated to the latest version on both.  Now when I burn a new music cd to the desktop computer, it also show up in my library on the laptop.  So say I want to download a song that is on my laptops c drive to my itunes library.. how do I do this?  I tried to do it and it goes straight to the music library... so then I tried to drag it over to my (shared) library, and I get this circle with a red line thro it... I am confused, why won't it let me?  I even backed it up on a cd and it wouldn't go to my shared Library... what is the point of this home sharing?  just to listen to music or what?  Does this mean I will have to do all of my downloading of music on the desktop still?  and you know on the laptop, under file it doesn't even list burn playlist to disc, why not? 

iPod touch, Windows 7, actually its windows 8