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Im really POed at the new iTunes on so many levels. first, the iCloud makes all songs i bought when i was 11 and deleted when i was 13 again. me and my little sister share the same account, but we have different computers so we don't have each other's song. now, thanks to iCloud, we do. i do not want carrie underwood or justin bieber, abd she doesn't want david bowie and led zeppelin. right now, the icloud isn't working, which is fine right now, but it's not right.


ok, about "adding music and other content to iTunes." you used to be able to drag a file from your documents to your library and it would be copied onto it. i am under the impression that that isn't the case anymore. I've tried a billion times and it hasn't worked. even when im on the led zeppelin section of my library and i drag "over the hills and far away" it won't budge; there's still only 6 albums and 10 songs. so i clicked "add file to library" and then the song i want, but it doesn't come up. and i did this a zillion times with a bunch of different songs, and nothing.


another problem is that the files are screwy. "houses of the holy" is on the album physical graffiti, not houses of the holy. if i edit the song's info to physical graffiti, all the other songs that are supposed to be on houses of the holy go into physical grafitti. when i go to song info, they still say houses of the holy. i just tried changing it again, and now all my led zeppeling albums are labeled houses of the holy. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?!?!?!?!




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Windows 7, need i say more?