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When I copy from disk 1-> disk 2, apple's finder quits when it encounters an error in a file. 



A long time ago, I thought I used PathFinder to get around this, ie, skip the problem file and keep copying the other files/folders without quitting. 



What can I use/do to continue past the bad files?


ML 10.8.2

FYI - I've already run disk warrior, and it fixed problems, but not my problem.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), i5 with Thunderbolt
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    I found out the best way is rsync.


    $sudo rsync -avE SRC DEST


    does the trick.  Only copies newer files, so even if you want to cancel it in middle of job, or if new files were written after the copy, it will pick up those newer files only, and start where it left off.


    -a set the archive bit.   sudo is necessary for the archive bit part.


    -v verbose


    -E preserve metadata (even the color of the file)


    and you can use finder to drag in the folders into the terminal window for paths (especially if they have spaces in them)



    There.  I documented it.  Most likely for me, 5 years from now.


    peace out.