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I have an Apple TV and a iPhone 4S. My goal is view pictures on Applet TV not only just from iPhone but from my SLR camer a as well. I also dont want every picture that I take on my iPhone to be uplaoded to Photostream. Reading at various answers in thei forums, I beleive I cannot acheive that (to stop the automatic uplaod to photostream). So I have to shut off Photostream (Unchecked the option in Settings for both Photostream and Shared Photostream). Initially, i used a lot of unwanted photos and I deleted all of them when the Photostream was unchecked.


I decided to manually upload my pictures via iCloud control panel (2.0). I signed in to my account in the control panel and selected a folder to be used for Photostream. I copied 100 pictures in that folder and my assumption is that they should show up on the Photostream on Apple TV. I dont see them. Is there a way to only uplaod pictures via iCloud control panel without turning on the Photostream on the iOs device. Thanks in advance.

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