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Problems with iOS 6.1 update for iPhone 4?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1
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    Are you incapable of searching the forums or google for yourself?

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    My wife and I have had trouble receiving texts. When we get a phone call, we get all our texts since our last phone call. We've tried restarting but it doesn't seem to help. Ugh!!

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Sounds like a carrier issue.


    You could try Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

  • Jan177 Level 1 Level 1

    I have  iPhone 3GS and since updatinf can't delete emails. I go into Edit and mark the emails I wish to delete, scroll to th ebottom and there is no delete!

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    Delete the email account then add it back.

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    since updating to ios6.1, my apps from the apps store just keep adding numbers that needs updating. tried clicking it sooo many times and it does not update whatsoever. Is this because of IOS6.1?

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    What does this have to do with the thread to which you replied?

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    Why are you such an ***?

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    I have an iPhone 4S, and last night before I went to bed I tried to update to IOS 6.1. It was taking a while, I must've fallen asleep while waiting for it to update. I woke up this morning and my phone alarm had not gone off. I looked at my phone screen and it appeared to be off. I held down the "Hold" button, thinking it had turned itself off, and it displayed the Apple logo and then the "Plug into iTunes" screen. I plugged it into my computer, and iTunes said I needed to restore it. I have tried several times, and it won't work. It will go through the process (it takes about 15 minutes), and then as it is finishing, a window will pop-up saying "the iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored". I am worried because it won't restore, and also because my iPhone isn't named "iPhone". It is named something else. Could my iPhone be damaged from the IOS 6.1 update? It was working perfectly normally last night, I have not dropped it or gotten it wet. I am updated to the most recent iTunes update, and Apple's Troubleshooting Tips are not helping at all. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I have a 4S and an iPad.  Syncronization with our work exchange server is flawed and the new OS crashed all of our exchange servers causing our company to quarantine all iPhone and iPad users.  In addition, on my iPhone, I have 15 messages listed that are unread, but when I scroll through my emails, there are no unread email messages.  I just want to go back to OS 6.0!!

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    Same thing for me.  I have an iPhone 5 with IOS 6.1 and an iPad I with IOS 5.1.1.  My iPhone has also beeng quarantined from synching with our Exchange Server.   from our IT person:


    Due to a severe problem with Apple's latest IOS version (6.1), we have blocked all devices (IPads, iPhones) using that version from synching with the college's exchange server.  The latest update has been reported to loop, eating up server resources at many sites.  We have also experienced the same problems here.


    The iPad with IOS 5.1.1 has not been blocked.


    Any word on a fix?  Update?