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I've just created about a dozen bookmarks in an epub book in iBooks, but I find that the Bookmarks list only displays the first eleven. I can go on creating bookmarks, and they will stick on the respective pages, but I can't browse them all in the list. It seems the list does not support scrolling or page-turning.


It's the same with memos. Once the list fills a single page, I can't browse the other memos or highlighted passages.


Is this a limitation of iBooks or of epub files, or should the full lists be visible?


Thanks for your attention.

iBook, iOS 6.1, iBooks version 3.0.2 (1258)
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    I've just tried it on an epub in the iBooks app on my iPad (both of which are up-to-date) and I can scroll down the list of bookmarks. Holding the iPad in portrait mode 11 are viewable on the screen at a time, but I can scroll up and down the list by using a finger in the middle of the screen - you aren't trying to scroll via the left or right hand margin ?

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    Well, for heaven's sake. You're right, I must have had my finger in the wrong place, although I thought I had pretty well scrubbed every part of the screen on my iPad. I do indeed find that I can scroll both Bookmarks and Memos.


    Thanks, King_Penguin. Sorry to have troubled the Community with this.

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    Now I understand just what my problem was. I'll explain for the benefit of anyone who might still have trouble scrolling after reading the solution.


    I was placing my finger on the *bottom* margin of the page and trying to scroll up (to see the lower part of the list). The trick is to place your finger on the list itself, not the white space below.