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I plugged my mini in to charge and left it downloading the 6.1 update - I woke the next morning to find an unresponsive iPad.


If I power it up the charge symbol appears, I've occasionally seen the apple logo after a hard reset but thats all.


I've followed the steps to attempt recovery multiple times and the connect to iTunes appeared once - at which point I left the iPad for 4 hours while it downloaded the software.


The download completed but my iPad was not restored.


My iPad appears to be charging but then when I hard reboot it I'm back to the charge symbol, implying it has no battery life.


THat one stage when I got to the 'connect to iTunes' and followed the restoration steps seems to have only compounded my problems with the iPad.


As I type, the iPad is displaying the apple logo but not booting, and isn't seen by iTunes.


Any help would be appreciated at this point...

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