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I had upgraded my iPhone 5 to the new iOS 6.1 yesterday, which had more options of LTE carriers included. Now if I want to use the data connectivity using 2G (edge), it is not applicable, due to the option already removed from the toggle switch coming earlier (Enable 3G). Is there a possible way to use the 2G data now, as I need it for testing, as well as it drains the battery too soon, as compared to 2G? Will there be any bug fix for the same later (in case people want to use 2G)?

Also please suggest whether the LTE network is using 2G or 3G or LTE for voice?

Am Using it on Eisalat/Du carrier in UAE.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1, UAE carrier
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    BUMP on this post, i've been searching the net for a solution on this and still cannot find the answer. If there's no solution, I would like to suggest to Apple on their next update to please have 3 toggles for each generations of networks 2G(GPRS,EDGE), 3G(HSPA), and 4G(LTE). Why? We all know that 3G and 4G eat lots of power. I must admit that most of the time Im just using 2G on previous IOS versions to conserve power when using apps like Viber etc. Really saves power for me. But now Toggling Cellular Data switch mixes 2G and 3G. Hoping this on the next update.

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    Whether you can use EDGE is up to each carrier. AT&T in the US is decommissioning its 2G network, reusing the hardware for LTE. So it's likely that they no longer want to support 2G on iPhones.

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    alright, thanks for the clarification. SO it's not the IOS for short. I should ask my carrier instead.

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    Hi Lawrence,

    I need to inform you that the the same 2G hardware cannot be re used for LTE at all. Im a telecom engr, working in the same domain, so please get your stats right :-) Now 2G (including edge) cannot be decomissioned by any network in the world, due to the best voice quality & other parameters. I just suggest that apple releases the next update including all 3 versions (2G/3G/LTE), as a toggle switch.

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    Hi Lawrence,

    As informed, LTE equipments are only used for handling data traffic (not voice), here VoIP is not considered as voice traffic. The voice is shifted over either 3G/2G, 2G preferred due to the superior voice quality at any day, so 2G networks cannot be crapped out totally. Moreover the article that you have sent states that even in the US, they have planned to remove 2G after 5 years, within which there will certainly users requiring 2G connectivity.

    However majority countries have either not launched LTE at all or have done it in tits n bits in some regions, so apple has to definitely update the iOS having all 3 networks included (not only 3G/LTE) to accommodate their users, as they do not have users only in the US.

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    The removal of the option to turn 3G off was bad.


    I barely have any bar with 3G, with 2G i have full bars. But i only have it when the iphone can't reach the 3G (it's dumb, so i want to use what i want).


    Bought the IPad yesterday and it doesn't even capture any bar of net with 3G... I've regreted this bought, next time i'll switch to Android or Microsoft, there's ppl here at work with net at will and i don't since i'm the only one using faulty apple products...