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Hans Vallden Level 1 (5 points)

There has been much discussion over the past couple years about Apple's choice to swap Samba for their own SMB implementation 'SMBX'. I've read reports of some problems with SMBX in the past versions of OS X but it is difficult to put the various internet sources into perspective to determine the 'production worthiness' of SMBX. Many of the gripes appear to be directed at the lack of SMB 1.0 protocol version, but isn't that irrelevant if file sharing for modern OS clients exclusively? AFAIK, deploying Samba as an alternative has it's own set of shortcomings.


I am putting together an OS X Server 10.8.2 AFP/SMB file sharing server for a small 100 employee company with a mixed Mac/Win Vista&7&8 client base. I need file sharing to be reliable, rock solid preferably, but most of all, I need things to work for all of the above mentioned clients.


I would appreaciate if the distinguished board members actually using SMB file sharing in a comparable or better environment, would share their experiences on this topic. Which way would you go and why?


We use ACL's in access control, in case that has any relevance.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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