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Hi all,


Just yesterday, not sure exactly when/what I was doing, my LCD sprouted a yellow vertical line slap bang in the middle of it. It only rises about 1/4 of the height of the 27" screen, but the 1 or 2 pixel strip is tainted yellow...permanently. I've seen that this is a very common problem with iMacs, so that's fine - just my luck really.


To keep a long story short, the iMac has been somewhat riddled with problems since week one. Numerous trips to the Apple store, replacement hardware, etc.. Not exactly what you want when you spend that much on a "quality" product.


I've popped a third-party (OWC) SSD in this iMac, since it's also the model with the notorious "popcorn-maker" hard drive (again, just my luck), Apple recently decided was "unstable" and made a recall (2 years later...). I did not submit mine for the recall since I rely on it too heavily on a daily basis and the SSD is perfect. In doing the SSD upgrade, I accept that I voided my already expired warranty (primary reason I went ahead with it).


Where does this leave me standing with regards to complaints about the LCD dying? It's been nearly 7 months since I put the SSD in so, even with the highest sense of possibility, I'm finding it hard to believe the two are linked.


Secondly, since I didn't want to make two topics;


What common problems are currently plaguing the new iMacs?


Since I use my iMac so often, I am not going to be putting up with yellow lines appearing on the monitor. If I can't get it replaced free of charge, I'm not spending £500 on a new LCD and patching that too. This iMac has too many "fixes" slapped on it now. I'd rather bite the bullet and buy a new iMac. I can rip the SSD from my iMac and use it in my MBP. I'll probably sell this iMac, fairly, for some return.


However, from experience I, or we, know there's nearly always a bunch of fairly popular small-major problems with Apple products when they're first released. I realise the "new" iMac has been out for a couple of months now, but I'd appreciate any guidance as to any common problems that are still around - I've been out of the loop recently as I was not expecting to upgrade until the next refresh. I noticed the flickering screen problem is still around - of course, I'm already used to that.


I've been a fairly loyal customer for 9 years now, but am having concerns now. I just massively prefer OS X over Windows, unfortunately!


Thanks in advance!



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    I've been totally happy with my 09 27".  My son has a 10 21" and he is happy.  Apple care is a really good deal considering it's percentage of the initial price.


    You should look at the Mac mini this time around.  They are becoming pretty sweet.

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    I received my new 27" iMac at the beginning of January. It replaced my early 2008 model, and I'm glad I upgraded to this new one.


    The display technologies used in the new iMacs are different than those of previous models, so I wouldn't expect to see identical display issues with this new one.


    I've seen some reports of spotty WiFi on the new ones, but I use WiFi on mine daily and haven't experienced any problems with it.


    The biggest complaints about the new iMac seem to be:


    • No built-in optical drive --  Apparently many have bought this new iMac without realizing it doesn't have an optical drive.  I guess I could understand how this could happen, if you're a user who doesn't do any research before buying a new product....  And Apple's right in that fewer and fewer software installations require a DVD or CD-ROM drive anymore.  All that being said, I got an Apple SuperDrive with my new iMac, as I need it for videos I get from various sources all the time.  It's not a big deal to me (although I wish Apple offered some kind of discount on it when purchased with a new iMac!).
    • The SD card reader has been moved to the back of the iMac.  This isn't exactly the optimum location for it in my opinion...but I guess Apple felt it's the only place they could put it with the new thin design.  Again...not a big deal for me, as I don't use it every day.


    As far as long-term reliability and common issues with these new iMacs are concerned, it's WAY too soon to know.  I suspect it will be several months before we start seeing anything along those lines.  I CAN say that I can recall previous Macs that experienced common issues right from Day One, and I don't see that with these new models, so that's good.


    I hope this has helped you with your decisions!

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    Thanks ssls6, and Mike.


    @ssls, I require a reasonably high-spec machine for the type of work I do, though. This iMac, when it's working well, is absolutely perfect. It just seems to last only a few months at a time before something dies. Annoying.


    @Mike, yep I noticed the SuperDrive has been dropped (at last). Doesn't bother me one bit - I've got a MBP which I can share the CD drive of over LAN. I can't remember the last time I used a DVD or CD though. SD card slot won't bother me - I am constantly plugging and unplugging USB devices into my current iMac, and the USB ports are at the back. Thanks for bringing these up


    Good to hear the new range seems to be a bit more robust than previous releases. This LCD 'glitch line' is a real nuisance. It's over this box I'm typing in now, and although extremely thin and somewhat faint, it's there. After research, though, almost all the threads end with "more lines appearing" in various colours.


    I think I might pull apart the iMac and just tweak the display connections, keeping fingers crossed. I'll also phone Apple, as a long shot, and report back. People are reporting mixed results, some saying they got the "we know nothing of this problem" response, others saying they got called in for immediate replacement... Luck of the draw on who answers the phone I guess, or how high up the chain you can get the call!