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Hi again.

New funny trouble !

(of course because i'm noob)


I have a nice plug-in called Camel Audio Alchemy. Really love it.

Also i have a tons of presets for it.

But i confused - how i can change Alchemy presets with Patch changing ?

I create MS patch with Alchemy, and copy-paste many Aliases of them in other Patches. But i have only one preset in all patches.

I need to change that. What the right way ?

In another words i need activate changing Plug-In some preset when i activate some MS patch.


Patch 1 - Alchemy (alias) -> Guitar Preset
Patch 2 - Alchemy (alias) -> Lead Preset

Patch 3 - Alchemy (alias) -> FX Preset

Patch 4 - Alchemy (src) -> Somepreset


All four patches use The only One Alhemy instance. Some case with Kontakt.

This need because every Patch load plug-in instance by default. This way need a lot of memory and CPU resources.

How i can switch that ? (red arrow showing my preset name, blue arrow ... i didn't remember why i draw it )

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 16.41.54.png



(I'm ask because it's a not good idea - run MANY Alchemy instances, instead of only one)


MainStage, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)