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Hi again.

New funny trouble !

(of course because i'm noob)


I have a nice plug-in called Camel Audio Alchemy. Really love it.

Also i have a tons of presets for it.

But i confused - how i can change Alchemy presets with Patch changing ?

I create MS patch with Alchemy, and copy-paste many Aliases of them in other Patches. But i have only one preset in all patches.

I need to change that. What the right way ?

In another words i need activate changing Plug-In some preset when i activate some MS patch.


Patch 1 - Alchemy (alias) -> Guitar Preset
Patch 2 - Alchemy (alias) -> Lead Preset

Patch 3 - Alchemy (alias) -> FX Preset

Patch 4 - Alchemy (src) -> Somepreset


All four patches use The only One Alhemy instance. Some case with Kontakt.

This need because every Patch load plug-in instance by default. This way need a lot of memory and CPU resources.

How i can switch that ? (red arrow showing my preset name, blue arrow ... i didn't remember why i draw it )

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 16.41.54.png



(I'm ask because it's a not good idea - run MANY Alchemy instances, instead of only one)


MainStage, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    With Alchemy, you will have to load up new instances for each MS Patch.


    With Kontakt, you can load multiple sounds in one instance, then use Alias Channel Strips with correct use of Multi-timbral MIDI input to access the sounds separately.




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    I think i have solved that. But i need some reprogram my AXIOM controller. Now i have switch synth preset on patch changes, but this depend from Axiom LSB MIDI signals, it's need to be reprogrammed.