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Hi.  I want to point SharePlus Lite to a SharePoint, then sync the documents in the SharePoint library down to my iPad so that I can access the documents when i am not connected to wifi.  I can connect to the SharePoint site without problem, and I can access the documents via wifi in the SharePoint libary, but I cannot sync them down to my iPad.


I just started using SharePlus Lite.  I read the SharePlus PDF user manual, which has a tutorial showing how to set up offline support so that documents are cached on the iPad and accessible when not connected to wifi.  But the screenshots and buttons that appear in the tutorial do not appear in the actual iPad app (version 3.18.6).  Is that because I am using SharePlus Lite?  Can downloading / syncing of documents from SharePoint down to an iPad be done with SharePlus Lite?  Or is downloading / syncing of documents only available in SharePlus Pro?



Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    From the developer's web site:


    What are the differences between the Lite and Pro versions?


    In a nutshell, the Lite version supports read only access to SharePoint servers. The Pro version, on the other hand, allows to add and modify the contents of a SharePoint server. In the case of documents this is achieved using the ”Open In“ file sharing protocol between apps. SharePlus can send office documents to apps such as Documents To Go, and receive the modified version of the documents to update it in a document library.


    Also the Pro version provides offline support, which means the ability to synchronize the contents of lists, to take them anywhere, even modify them offline, and then automatically have them synchronized back when the device is again in a connected scenario.


    So it would indeed appear that you need the Pro version. Contact the developer to confirm.



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    Thank you for the response.  Very helpful ...