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I bought my first iPhone 4S thirteen months ago (Jan 2012). After upgrading iOS to 6.01 and now 6.1 I have discovered some strange and nasty behaviours.


The first noticeable thing is the iPhone restarts itself after every shutdown and don't play any sound at all (no sound when using the keyboard, no sound from music app) and no sound control with external buttons. But the ring sound function is working normaly !


I have cleaned the connector with a toothbrush but I think dust into the connector is not the cause of malfuncionning in my case.


After 3 to 5 minutes, the sound function is back again without doing anything !


The only way the iPhone stay off after shutdown is when it's plugged on a power source with a computer or a charger.


And the last noticeable effect after iOS updating is the fast battery draining, 1 per cent every 2 or 3 minutes, even when the phone is supposed to be on sleep mode. Last night i left the iPhone sleeping with 100% charge in Airplane mode and six hours after i found the battery was at 80% !


It seems the iPhone don't sleep at all and some processes are always running in the background even if they shouldn't. I can confirm this checking the usage stats, finding that standby time is very closed to the usage time (few minutes less for usage).


I made many tests and four restore procedures, including restoring the iPhone as new in two opportunities. No solution at all !


Now, i am using my iPhone 4S in a very conservative way, as i have to turn OFF the 3G, GPS, WIFI, Exchange and iCloud funtions to be able to use the phone basic functions during a working day !


In conclusion, i think we (because many iPhone 4S users are concerned) are facing :


- a defective hardware


- a buggy iOS 6.01 or 6.1


In all cases, APPLE is responsible for fixing this situation.


I pledge firstly for a one year extension of warranty period and the launching of an exchange program.


I think we (iPhone 4S users) also need a technical assessment to know what are exactly the buggs inside iOS 6 that produce such battery draining.


I hope APPLE will communicate soon on these matters !


Best regards



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1
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