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FCPX 10.0.6  I was watching a YouTube video tutorial on taking a clip and having it start B & W at first for 10 sec or so then having it transition into a full color clip for the last 10 sec.   The funny was that in the video Inspector Video>Effects had a Black and White choice to select where I could click on the +/- to add/delete the key on the clip isn't on my 10.0.6.  So, the big question is how can I do that?   I've tried the match color and corrections but nothing happens.   I don't really know how to select segments.  Can anyone give me a hand!  thanks

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    You don't use color correction for this. You use the effect called Black and White in the effects panel. You keyframe the amount value. You should watch the video again I think.

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    in FCPX v.06, effects, under Standards, there's a keyframeable black&white effect ...


    at last here ...


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